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Meet Our Pastor

Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor joined the Casper Church family in Spring 2023 as our pastor. When deciding on what to put on the church website, he decided that there are 4 details about him that people need to know:

  1. He is a Christian. Though he was a self-professed atheist for the majority of his adolescence, he gave his heart to Jesus and was baptized in December 2004 at the age of 20. He jokingly refers to himself as a "victim of prayer".

  2. He is a Husband. It was because of his then-girlfriend (now wife, Anndrea) that Michael was first introduced to God in a meaningful way. Her faithful witness and her intentional prayers (especially that Mike would be "in the Kingdom") were some of the major factors that he cites in his testimony. They got engaged late 2004, and were married the following summer.

  3. He is a Father. As you may have noticed in the photo, Michael & Anndrea have been blessed with a lovely family of children. After raising a few wonderful "fur kids" (aka, dogs), they had 5 kids in 4 years from 3 pregnancies. This crew is quickly "growing in wisdom and stature", with each of their kiddos developing their own distinct personality that they use to bless our Casper family.

  4. He is a Pastor. A few months after his baptism, Michael and Anndrea both heard God's calling into ministry. This calling sent them to Andrews University for their schooling (BA Theology for Michael; BS Elementary Education for Anndrea), and also through grad school (Michael earned a Masters of Divinity from the Seminary at Andrews with an emphasis in "Church Leadership"; Anndrea earned her Masters in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University). They both started their careers in the Michigan Conference in 2009, and Michael was ordained in 2015. Their family accepted the call to the Rocky Mountain Conference in 2021, and transitioned up to Casper/Wheatland in 2023.

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