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Worship with Us Online

Live-streaming our services every Saturday at 11:15am (Mountain Time)

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Current Series (click to watch)

Genesis graphic.jpg

Message 1: "Good" (based on Creation)

Message 2: "Not Good" (based on Adam & Eve)

Message 3: "Stronger" (based on Noah)

Message 4: "Withheld" (based on Abram)

Message 5: "Called" (based on Abraham)

Message 6: "Laughed" (based on Sarah)

Message 7: "Trusted" (based on Isaac)

Message 8: "Wrestled" (based on Jacob)

Message 9: Coming on March 16 (based on Joseph)

Message 10: Coming on March 23 (based on Judah)

Message 11: Coming on March 29 (based on Jesus)

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